reasons to be an entrepreneur

April 8, 2006

Here's an interesting article about 5 reasons to be an entrepreneur. I agree with all of these reasons, but the list is hardly exhaustive. Some time soon I'd like to do my own list, but since I'm actually trying to do some work right now I'll write and post that later.

Really quickly though, here's my reason #0: It feels good to be the fucking boss. When my friends, most of whom are either in grad/law/business school or working in finance or consulting, ask "how is it that you guys are making no money, and yet you have employees?", I get to tell them "cause I've paid the cost to be the boss!" Recently, a friend send a prank email to the feedback link on our startup's site. He asked me today: "did you get the technical question I asked you?" with a smug ass grin on his face.

I told him that I didn't read the feedback emails, I had my employees do that. His response: "Oh. That's pimp." Damn straight.


4 Responses to “reasons to be an entrepreneur”

  1. fuckyou Says:

    What is your startup’s url?
    MBA looking good means your startup’s exit ops are looking doomed. Good luck.

  2. fuckyou Says:

    There is only one true reason….MONEY.

    Why don’t you work more on your startup so it can be successful like YouTube? You must be stupid.

  3. In startup, your boss is not the person, but your own idea. And he says you need to work late today and also come in this weekend. Oh and you are not getting paid/laid for a while.

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