MBA starting to look pretty good

April 7, 2006

I want to get an MBA. And before you reader's out there rip me a new asshole: Yes, I know that 99% of MBAs out there are useless and pretentious douchebags. MBAs never shut up about "value-adds" and "push-backs" and "managing expectations." MBAs always laughingly tell you about how they "can't stand Cambridge" because of the terrible time they had at HBS (Harvard Business School). Every time an MBA opens his mouth, I have to suppress the instinct to immediately club him like a baby seal.

There are some advantages to having an MBA. MBAs on average (at least from a good school) make 170% of the salary they made before getting their MBA. Also, you get a nice diploma you can hang on the wall of your office and make your parents proud!

But I couldn't really care less about those reasons: I fully expect never to have to work again after this startup, and I already have a degree from a school with a name that Asian parents drool about (and that degree says "with distinction" bitches!). The reason I want to go to business school is that business school is a fucking joke. B-school is basically like college, except as far as I can tell, the work isn't as important, and there's less of it. The real point of business school is to go to all the social events and make friends with other future rich ass business people. And by "go to all the social events" of course I mean "go to all the social events and get wasted."

I have a friend at a top rated business school. My co-founder and I went to a happy hour at the bschool this afternoon. The happy hour was basically 300 people in a room getting drunk. What the hell am I doing at a startup??? I should have gone to bschool.

(If this post is a little disordered, a little rambling, and not very funny, its because I had a few beers at said happy hour, and am not my usual charming, intelligent self.)


8 Responses to “MBA starting to look pretty good”

  1. est Says:

    Your first posts were really interesting but this blog is getting boring.

    I’m still leaving this site to my bookmarks but I’ll remove it soon if the posts continue to be as boring as they have been (first few were really good!)

  2. startuprant Says:

    Let’s see… I could A) spend time working on my startup and trying to get Fuck You rich, or B) try to entertain you by making my blog posts more interesting.

    Call me a selfish prick, but I’m going with plan A. If you think my shit is boring then stop reading it and blow me, you asshat.

  3. startuprant Says:

    In fact, if there was some easy way to blacklist you from this blog then I’d do it, but I just don’t give a shit enough to figure it out.

    So why don’t you do us both a favor and delete the bookmark right now?

  4. est Says:

    Here you are crying like a little baby about one comment, maybe you shouldn’t be writing a blog if you can’t stand any comments?

    Persons like you will have a lot of happy customers and employees, people will hang themselves before working with or for you.

    Happy future for you!

  5. est Says:

    And by the way because the post you did after this one was even more boring, your site is deleted from my bookmarks.

    I hope you are not running business by yourself because you are doomed if you are.

  6. You’ve got MBA’s beat on being a pretentious douchebags.

  7. fuckyou Says:

    MBAs look good but worth jack (at best 4yrs to break even)….take the tuition money and do startups for next 7 years.

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