BFC: the saga continues

April 6, 2006

Had a conference call with BFC today. The first impression I got from the call is that they are extremely desperate. They are in competition with several big players (think Google) in this space, who I assume are killing them, and they are trying to convince everyone and anyone to build on their platform in order to stave off the marketshare walking out the door. What really takes the cake is I spent months trying to get a callback to figure out a way to work together with these guys.

The second impression I got was that they are slow. Really fucking slow. When I asked what the next steps for a partnership was, they said they'd call me in a couple weeks. When I asked when their more advanced developer kit was coming out, they said "sometime in Q3 or Q4, or maybe even '07." This isn't Microsoft. It's worse.

They had some good ideas, and I think we'd love to take advantage of their platform, but I have some serious doubts as to whether it could ever work. We're worlds apart: when I say new features, they think how many months, and I think how many days. It's like I said to my last girlfriend, "maybe we're just too different, baby, I think it's not gonna work out." Oh wait, that's what the bitch told me.


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