the startup’s secret sauce

April 5, 2006

For anyone who wants to know what the secret to our success is, listen closely. It's Soundic radio. This is the best internet radio station I've ever listened to (and I've gone through a lot). Since starting the startup, I've gone through pandora,'s stream, digitally imported, lastfm, and just playing random music from winamp. But I keep coming back to Soundic radio to sustain these marathon coding sessions. Why? Because while the music selection is pretty good, its not exceptional. The reason I keep coming back to Soundic is that its a Swedish based station, and all the DJs speak in their weird foreign language. I like this for two reasons:

  1. I hate listening to DJs. Not understanding them means I don't have to listen to them.
  2. They make me think of cartoon characters. No joke. 

One Response to “the startup’s secret sauce”

  1. Anders N Says:

    LOL, it´s okey that you dont understand us, aslong as you like the music we “cartoons” are playing.

    Stay tuned and plz tell all your freinds.

    //Anders @ Soundicradio

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