Why are big companies incompetant?

April 4, 2006

Why are big companies so incredibly stupid that they won't get back to people who are practically begging to buy things from them? It's a question that has haunted man since the dawn of time, when United Rock Corporation refused to sell rocks to several neanderthals who wanted to buy rocks.

We here at nameless startup have been trying to purchase a commercial license for a service from a Big Faceless Corporation for six months now. We've emailed the general sales emails. We've posted on developer message boards. We've emailed people at BFC who work on the product, and people who don't who are friends of people we are friends of. But we've gotten 0 responses (other than the initial response that told us we needed a commercial license; the same guy later seemingly refused to answer any future emails).

Obviously getting this commercial license isn't key to our business, otherwise I'd be at BFC right this moment laying waste to everyone in sight with my elite ninja skills. As it is, it's a minor irritation. I hope everyone at BFC contracts the plague.


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