Last post ever…

April 4, 2006

My co-founder and I set into motion this week a plan that will hopefully eliminate my need for this blog entirely: we're going to try working a schedule. 10 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week (with exceptions of course: Rosh Hashana, Mike Arrington's birthday, etc).

I stopped working at 7 today, and went to the gym, for the first time in months. My friends have all been telling me that since I started working on the startup I've become a skinny shadow of the stallion I once was. I'm developing body image problems, but that's a story for another time.

After the gym, however, I didn't know what to do. I actually had nothing to do. What do normal people do after work, if they aren't married, don't have kids, etc?

I genuinely don't know the answer. If anyone does, please tell me. I actually wanted to go back to work (my co-founder, I just found out, did). Instead, I sat on my couch and watched MTV's 8th and Ocean, a gripping reality TV series about two apartments of people trying to make it in the modeling industry. Most of their day seems to consist of sitting on the beach. Being a workaholic isn't starting to sound that bad anymore…


4 Responses to “Last post ever…”

  1. Carl Says:

    I too just can’t stop working! Watching tv seems like a total waste of time and I don’t know what to do on weekends. My gf doesn’t let me work at night and on weekends and they seem endless.

    I think you should keep blogging about your startup experience. It has been pretty interesting so far!

  2. Why not get two bikes/rollerblades and try exploring your local town? Just the time spent riding around will force you to discuss issues you are coming across. Spend ten minutes talking about a problem and save yourself a week.

  3. From time to time I have the same problem. When you work too much, all you want to do is… to work.

    However there are some things that you may enjoy:
    Read a book
    Play your favorite sport, if you have one. If not – find one!
    Go out and walk in the park with nothing else in mind – it’s totaly relaxing 🙂

  4. Kirubakaran Says:

    yep – plz keep blogging.

    don’t u play sth, like u know… racquetball?

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