everybody has their hands out…

April 3, 2006

I just got a call from my alma mater, asking for a $25.00 contribution to the Alumni Fund. Here's how the conversation went:

girl: Hi, I'm calling on behalf of the _____ Alumni Fund. I wanted to thank you for your contribution last year (extorted from me!), and let you know that blah blah blah. I was wondering if you'd like to give a $25.00 donation this year. 

startuprant: Uh, I'm broke (true), and being evicted from my apartment (not true).

girl: Oh. (awkward silence as she feels bad for me)

startuprant: I'm just fucking with you, I actually started my own company, but we are completely pre-revenue and I have no money.

girl: Oh I see…

startuprant: But this is gonna be huge, so you should call me next year. Same time.

girl: Uh, sure…

startuprant: Have you heard about Writely? Writely.com? They just got bought by Google? We're making moves all over the street like that, so call me next year and I'll hook you up. Write that down 'call him next year'. Seriously, write that down now. 


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