Saturday night is fun

April 1, 2006

It's 9:13p on Saturday night. Where am I? Oh, that's right… at work. I remember a time when by 9:13p I would be six Flaming Dr. Peppers deep and passed out in a public bathroom. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Feedburner reports I have 5 subscribers now. Whoever you are, God bless you. I'm starting to see why this blogging thing is so popular. I'm starting to obsessively check my wordpress stats, to the exclusion of obsessively checking the stats for my Web 2.0 site. The Internet has given every asshat with an opinion a soapbox, and we are relishing in it.

But seriously though, we need to start taking some of those soapboxes away (starting with mine). Millions of people are out there wasting time when they should be working, in order to write more and more redundant garbage. Every VC has heard about the blogosphere and immediately started blogging. Every SEO firm, every company, everyone out there is writing stupid, boring kruft and by doing so they are actively polluting the Internet. And this doesn't just apply to corporate bloggers. Everyone out there with a LiveJournal: you aren't interesting and you can't write for shit. I swear to god, sometimes I can't tell between someone's real LiveJournal and a spamblog.

We need to institute some restrictions on the Internet. Restrictions like, only people who know what the hell they are talking about can write a blog. In order to get a blog, you would need to apply for a blog license before a panel of our nations greatest minds, people like George W. Bush, Ann Coulter, Michael Moore, and myself. Then everyone else can go back to reading the New York Times, and working.


One Response to “Saturday night is fun”

  1. Here’s something I’d like to hear about, even though it’s not directly related to this specific post, but to your startup in general.

    You mentioned that you have started it all because you loved working on this project, but now you fantasize about getting bought. But does your startup have a business model? I mean, if you don’t get both and your project is finished enough to be released, do you have a model about how to make money out of it?

    Too many startups these days seem to have no business model whatsoever, unless it is “gee, I hope my project is interesting enough to Google, Yahoo or some other big double-oh player that I get bought”.

    One more question: have you raised any kind of seed capital so far? If you did, from whom?

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