Get out of my space

March 31, 2006

When we first started the company, there were no other Web 2.0 startups in our space. I will even dare to say that we had a fairly original idea. Now, much less than a year later, there are no less than 7 companies doing the same thing we are. Some people might say that in all odds the founders of those companies probably had the idea near the same time we did. Some people might also say that one of the great things about a free market like the internet is that anyone can compete, and those who deserve to will rise to the top.

Publicly, as a libertarian and Lassez-faire capitalist I can't help but agree with these sentiments. Privately, as a jealous asshole, I say: GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SPACE. Seriously, since we started our company I've thought of at least five ideas I would work on full time that nobody else is doing (several of them that I'd rather be working on). Mike Arrington posted a bunch of ideas here. I'm sure there are most lists of ideas out there. All I ask is that you find one of them, and stay the fuck out of my space!


6 Responses to “Get out of my space”

  1. Per Says:

    Subscribed 🙂

  2. Kai Says:

    I recently posted an article about exactly what you are saying here.

    Competition is good in a robust market, but not in a fledgling market or one that doesn’t even exist yet. Last time I checked, an idea is not a market.

    One problem with these ‘companies’ is that they are not letting the idea mature. Let the first mover expand the market, develop the community, make some mistakes — and then move in — but only if you can offer a truly unique improvement, as opposed to the buy-me-too-ism that is endemic to the Web2.0 space.

    Another problem is that web development barriers-to-entry are so low that anyone with a bit of development and design skill can launch a site. Maybe you have a solid business plan, but the other 7 ‘companies’ just have a site. If people see their business model as being weak, all of you will suffer.

    In the end, the cream rises to the top. I’d spend less time worrying about the competition and more time looking after your potential user base.

  3. Curiously waiting for your rumblings and mumblings. It’s good to see a counter-voice on the web while everyone sucks up on Google, Web2.0, AJAX etc.

    For all the startup-wannabes: I recommend reading Paul Graham‘s website.

  4. Michael Says:

    I dig this. I’m trying to do some of the same on my personal site, but I suppose it’s not so much of a rant.

    It’s good to see this. Too many people PRize everything.

    I’ve added your feed to my list.

  5. what ever Says:

    If you have to work 12 hours a day, you’re doing it wrong.

  6. mikkom Says:

    You have never owned a startup have you?

    You have to sacrifice something in order to get something in the future.

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