Believe what you will

March 31, 2006

There have been a couple emails/comments that flat out claim I’m full of shit:

You’re full of shit. This is a prank.

Why is it unbelievable that a Web 2.0 startup founder would anonymously blog his rants? People don’t doubt the waiterrant guy is a waiter. Waiters aren’t that different from tech startup founders–they’re all broke twenty five year olds. At this point, anyone can start a Web 2.0 company in a few simple steps:

  1. Think of a completely nonsense name. Like Squidoo.
  2. Put up a landing page that says “BETA” and “WEB 2.0” and as many other buzzwords as you can think of. Some good buzzwords: RSS, Alpha, Tags, Social Network, Mike Arrington, podcast, Google-please-buy-us.
  3. Find a application space that’s completely saturated with other 2.0 startups. Some good places to start looking: RSS readers, online collaborative word processors, or calendars.
  4. Troll the internet for dhtml/js scripts that were originally written in 2001.
  5. Cram as many of said scripts into your application as possible, in order to Ajaxify it.
  6. Launch Beta.
  7. Optional: Think up a plausible way you’ll theoretically meet your burn rate if you get to the 300k users mark.

Believe it or not, anyone can do this. It isn’t hard, and those who have made the leap from out-of-work hacker to Web 2.0 entrepreneur-hacker are not the second coming of Christ, despite what you might believe. But that’s just my take on it.


3 Responses to “Believe what you will”

  1. Ajju Says:

    People actually do doubt that waiter makes his stories up. I don’t doubt you though. Keep up the good..err…angry work bro!

  2. mikkom Says:

    I really enjoy your first postings and really hope that you are not a joke 🙂

    Keep blogging, I already have your blog bookmarked (it’s one of the few)

    cheers, mikko

  3. //bob Says:

    I gave up worrying what people think many years ago and so should you… Let er rip and write some good stuff; we’ll read.
    I wrote this last year in my newpaper column:
    If you are creating something innovative and new, remember: Nothing creative or innovative was ever invented by Nay Sayers. Don’t listen to them! They sit on their thrones of erroneous dogmas and self-importance, mercenaries for the ignorant, handing down verdicts of irreverence and pessimistic dissent. What I am trying to say is; if you don’t know what you’re creating is impossible then you might just succeed in creating it.

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